SAMAYA Group is driven by the belief and focus on “Working for a Better Tomorrow”.

Chairman of The Board

We believe that contracting is a major pillar for any nation to reach new growth heights – this is where our story starts, mbition is in our DNA, and reaching new heights is our name – SAMAYA By excelling in what we do and constantly improving, we contribute to this evolution that will help us conceive our future vision & write our history.

Our main strength is within our people and the variety of services carried out through different business divisions backed-up and fully supported by SAMAY’s Group Board of Directors.

We strive for excellence through commitment, passion and creativity, coupled by integrity and punctuality.
A customer centric approach through a competitive internal working environment for our people
– aligned with the vision 2030 goals and objectives.

Ambition is in our DNA,
& reaching new heights
is our name


We strive for excellence through commitment, passion and creativity, coupled with integrity and punctuality. We have local and regional expertise who deliver optimal end results that meet our client’s needs.

Our Vision

Lead as a major turn-key solution provider for strategic mega projects In Saudi Arabia through exceptional world-class services embracing the latest technical approach and methodology having our customers at the core.

Our Mission

Attain our customers’ trust and recognition through partnership by providing high-quality tailor-made solutions that bring them peace of mind to fully focus on their core business.



As embedded in our culture, we endorse an innovative environment that creates opportunities for process improvement and cost-effective sustainable services.


With unwavering adherence to quality, our team of experts abide by SAMAYA Group delivery quality manual.


We are consistent, in-every-step of the way, with what we provide to our customers insuring the highest level of satisfaction.


We believe people with different ideas, strengths, interests and cultural backgrounds help our company thrive.

These are the pillars that guide our companies; hence, contributing to the success of our clients in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our companies entail +10,000 employees & workers, exceeding +100 clients from different industries and over +250 vehicles ensuring time management, quality and excellence in execution.

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Serving across several industries, we commit to the provision of the highest global standards and quality of services through our team of 10,000+ professionals including the world’s leading experts in the field of Construction & Contracting, Facility Management/Operation & Maintenance, Security Guard Services, Real Estate Development, Creative Marketing, Communication and Event Management. We are committed to provide distinctive services through creative individuals & expertise to successfully combine the knowledge and requirements of the market with attention to details which leave our clients to concentrate on their core business with peace of mind.

Our Company’s Capacity & Capability are integral part of the whole organization strategy development process.
However, serving over a period of 35 years, SAMAYA Group Co. occupies a leading position in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a turn-key service provider to the Governmental and Private Sector along with the vision 2030.

We develop unique operational capacity, based on the strategic managemen approacht through diffrentiating it from the related constructs of resources and operational practices, drawing upon the resource-based-view of SAMAYA Group as our main foundation.

“Operational capacity is particularly challenging to measure, because they emerge gradually and are tacit, embedded, and manifested differently across all SAMAYA’s divisions. Based on that, solving this measurement conundrum, SAMAYA’s Board of Directors draw upon similar situations experience in operating organizational culture and dynamic capabilities”.

SAMAYA Group ensures that leadership happens at all levels within the
organizations, not just among those who work in defined

SAMAYA Steering Committee ensures the process by which the executive team direct, guide and influence the behavior and work of others towards accomplishment of specific goals in a given situation and project.

Also, SAMAYA measures the capability of all individual’s capacity to influence a group towards the realization of a goal.
Leaders at SAMAY Group are required to develop future visions, and to motivate the organizational members to ensure
alignment and achievement of the company’s vision

We ultimately inspire our people and offer a challenging work environment in order to over achieve all clients’ expectations. Hence, we ensure people development in every step of the way through a well-organized and planned training programs that up-lifts the learning curve, knowledge and skills of each and every individual.