We design all forms of buildings and public spaces that meet the needs of communities and cities. Our architectural and design teams are experts in designing parks, housing developments, business centers, hospitals, hotels, and plazas to create a sustainable society, connect communities, and protect nature. Health and comfortable environment for people is a main objective in all our designs. We ensure that all types of utilities are developed and designed to be maintained easily, save energy through the implementation of new smart technical systems such as lighting, heating, air conditioning, and entertainment. Our team of architects, engineers and consultants work together on all projects to create transformative urban and rural environments.

SAMAYA Group provides a custom-made general contracting services that provide the resources, know-how and management required to successfully complete our client’s construction projects. We owe this to our reputation and team of experts who have successfully built outstanding performance with our subcontractors and associates. Together, we work attentively to grow the collaboration and respect necessary to achieve our primary goal: exceeding our clients› expectations through excellence in execution.

At SAMAYA Construction Division, every construction project is unique and customized based on the client needs, insights and inputs. SAMAYA’s Construction Division experts have the ultimate knowledge and skills to solve project challenges ranging from preliminary building structure designs to HVAC, MEP, control systems, fire protection plans and various acoustical solutions.